Plant and Flower Rentals for Indoor and Outdoor Events

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Are you organizing an event in the Roaring Fork, Aspen or Vail Valley and would like to give it an extra touch? We can help you turn the event into something magical with our amazing selection of trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers. Whether it’s your home, offices or other venues, our experts turn your next event into a success with the daily, weekly, or long term rental of any plant(s) from our inventory. We install top quality plants for that added ambiance to your indoor or outdoor event:

  • Wedding Flower and Plant Rentals

  • Long Term Leases for Realtors & Other Businesses

  • Green Walls for Outdoor Concerts and Other Events

  • Conference Room Flower Arrangements

  • Elegant Garden Party

  • Flower Arrangements for Indoor Events

  • Event & Photo Session Background Setup

  • Tree and Shrub Rentals to Block Unsightly Views

Plant Rentals for Events in the Aspen and Vail Valley

Our rental prices include a full set of professional services – delivery, installation, clean-up and pickup!

We are happy to offer you a consultation for your next event plant rental. We do take custom orders or you can choose from some of the most frequently rented plants:

  • Full Spectrum of Customized Decor

  • Variety of Interior Plants and Trees (with or without lights)

  • Outdoor Flower Pots and Baskets

  • Interior Plants and Flower Pots

  • Flower Arbors

  • Aspen and Fir Trees

  • Birch Poles



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